Peer Review 3: Exquisitely Eleni

For my third peer review, I’ll be reviewing Eleni Papadoulis’ website, Exquisitely Eleni! I had no knowledge of what her site was about beforehand. My first impression upon seeing her site was that it was a space for positivity! As I looked deeper at her works, I found myself showered with words of wisdom and support! Eleni presents a look into her life and shares her emotions with the audience, which makes it feel as though we are all in this journey together.

Marketability and Content

From my first impressions, Eleni’s blog focuses on self-development and building confidence in oneself. Her target audience is those who are interested in learning to be empowered, confident, and self-assertive – or are at least interested in following along on another’s development journey. 

Eleni’s blog posts are curated towards her target audience. She has a gentle and kindly voice in her writing; in her posts, she talks about dealing with anxiety, therapy, and how to gain confidence. By sharing snippets of her life and how she builds her self-strength, we as the audience are able to connect with her on a more personal level. I found myself relating with much of what Eleni said, and I even felt a sense of reassurance and other warm feelings after reading some of her posts! 

Eleni often links to other articles in her blog posts to provide more context and information on what she discusses. In her posts about pick-me-ups, for example, she includes links for acrylic painting and baking recipes, so that the audience can read up more on those topics if they prefer. Eleni also links to past blog posts when making connections to them; I find that this allows for easy access while also promoting her other posts and encouraging the audience to read more.

Overall Design

Eleni’s website gives positive and calming vibes right off the bat. On her homepage is a slideshow of her most recent posts; the first one I saw is titled “Feeling Confident, Assertiveness, and Empowered.” Even though it belongs to a blog post, it immediately told me what to expect on Eleni’s blog. The colour theme includes pink and coral and other warm colours that I find soothing to the eyes. I think this is very effective for a confidence blog; the site itself is uncluttered and has enough white space for you to rest your gaze on if you need a break. Even the images carry the theme of pink and softened colours, creating unity across the whole site. 

Eleni’s posts are laid out in a list that allows for easy navigation. They each have a cover photo of equal size; the same goes for her course content, and I’ve found that her process posts, just like her blog posts, are full of effort and detail and links! On the right-hand column is a menu with more of Eleni’s recent posts, and a quick menu to other sections of the blog. I think the layout is excellent and looks very professional.

Overall, I think Eleni’s website succeeds with regards to marketing and reaching her intended audience! I highly recommend giving her site a visit. Great work, Eleni!

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